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Church Graphics & Announcement Slides

Announcement slides are often a great way to inform and remind your congregation of what’s going on in your church. Browse my catalog of slides, series art and other ministry related graphics.

  • Free yourself to create focused, digestible slides by NOT relying on them to tell the whole story
  • If you don’t have a creative staff, begin tapping into creative types within your church that might be able to volunteer their time.
  • Prepare good notes for your volunteers so they can have the clear direction they need to produce great art that actually if effective.
  • Keep it simple, and clearly direct your congregation to “the full story” where they can “learn more” and/or “take action” online.

This leads me to my last quick tip…

  • ALSO begin developing a good online hub so you are able to effectively post “the full story” and have a consistent place to point people to. i.e. Tools like: Your own custom website, TheCity, Planning Center, etc.

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